Direct Deposit FAQ


1. What is direct deposit?

Direct Deposit allows money to be electronically transferred from the Trust Fund bank account directly into your bank account. This method of payment eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen cheques, as well as mail delays. Direct deposit is very safe and reliable.

2. How do I sign up for direct deposit?

To sign up for direct deposit, complete the form on the following page and return it to the address notedin the bottom right corner. You will need to attach a Void cheque, or have your financial institution complete the section on Banking Information. You must also provide a valid email address.

3. How secure is the banking information I provide you?

The information is stored in your secure personal file and is used only for the purpose of direct deposit of dental claims payment.

4. How will I know how much is being deposited to my account and when?

You will receive an email confirming the amount of your deposit and the date on which it was deposited, along with an electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

5. How will I know if everything I claimed has been paid for?

Along with the email confirming your deposit, you will receive an electronic EOB that will show you which items have been covered and for how much. If something has not been covered, or not covered in full, the EOB will outline the reason, similar to the statement you currently receive with your cheque.

6. Is it mandatory for me to provide my email address?

Yes. Direct deposit is an electronic transmission, as is the supporting EOB. We require an electronic method of communicating this information to you. It should be noted that you are responsible for ensuring the email address you provide is secure.

7. What happens if I change my bank account?

You need to let us know if you change your bank account prior to any future dental claims being paid. If you do not notify us of your new banking information, the direct deposit will not be successful (it will bounce back) and you will experience delays in receiving your payment until we can verify your new banking information. The form can be used to enrol for direct deposit,make changes to your information or terminate direct deposit.

8. If I sign up for direct deposit, can I cancel it at any time?

Yes. The form can be used to terminate your direct deposit. Indicate in Section 1 Action Requested that you would like to terminate. Sign and date the form, and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

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